What is Paint-less Dent Repair?
Paint-less Dent Repair is the amazingly simple way of removing minor dents from a car body. It can be used on both aluminum and steel body work providing the paint surface is intact.
Hail damage can cause a lot of minor body damage without breaking the paint surface. Paint-less Dent Repair is perfect for repair this and damage such as dents and dings caused by everyday use.
How long has it been around?
Paint-less Dent Repair may have been used in Europe as early as the 1940s. It was introduced into the United States during an international car show in 1960. One of the staff at Mercedes Benz used a small hammer to smooth out minor damage caused by the over eager public. But it didn’t come into widespread commercial use until the 1970s.
What are the advantages?
The main advantage of Paint-less Dent Repair is the cost compared to traditional panel beating. Because the damaged area does not need to be painted, sanded or resprayed the labor costs are much lower. And this leads to the second great advantage – it is much less time intensive, usually Paint-less Dent Repair can be completed in a day or even a few hours. And because panels can be repaired without being removed the structural integrity of your vehicle will not be undermined.
What are the disadvantages?
Older cars may not be suitable because of the paint used, it is not as flexible and therefore re-filling and respraying will be required. In other cases, the extent of the damage will determine whether Paint-less Dent Repair is an option. A deep dent may not be suitable because the paint will be stretched. Sharp dents and creases are generally not candidates for Paint-less Dent Repair. The curvature of the metal and the intensity of impact may also be limiting factors.
Scratches, chips and anywhere the paint surface has been broken will need respraying. Plastic body parts are not suitable for Paint-less Dent Repair, so if your vehicle’s plastic bumper has been damaged, this won’t be an option.
Is there a do-it-yourself option?
You can ‘do-it-yourself’ but you need to have the right tools and a good Paint-less Dent Repair kit will set you back much more than the cost of the average professional job. This may be okay if you are unlucky enough to suffer lots of minor damage—say at the supermarket carpark, in parking lots, or if you live in an area that suffers hail storms and you don’t garage your vehicle.
The other thing to take into account is that you do not want to compound the problem by doing a botched job which may be difficult and costly for a professional to remedy.
For most car owners professional Paint-less Dent Repair, combined with detailing, will have the car looking better than before at a very reasonable price. And the time saved by using a professional will make it even greater value for money.

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