It can be tiresome having to wait on public transport and expensive to have to keep shelling out to use private hire taxi’s. Most people purchase their own vehicle to enable them to have the freedom to get where they want/need to be whatever the time and only having to share with the people they choose. There are a lot of things that you need to think about before purchasing your first vehicle to ensure you don’t have any regrets and get a reliable mode of transport that will last long after the initial purchase.
Be realistic and sensible
Although it’s exciting buying your first car, the one thing that you should remember first is to be practical. Although your heart might be set on the fanciest car in the showroom, your bank balance might not agree. It’s especially easy to make the mistake of purchasing a vehicle way above your means if you take out credit to do so. Set yourself an affordable budget around your usual bills plus a little in case an expenditure you didn’t count on comes up.
The importance of research
You may relate research to something you did back at school or even a science lab, however it plays a big part in choosing a vehicle too. You might have the car of your dreams firm in your mind, but you should also have alternatives in case your needs or budget changes.
Think of your dream car, but bear in mind other alternatives that in your mind may be less up market (but more affordable). You might be surprised to find many of the specifications are the same or similar.
Work out essential specifications
The priorities you have in mind for your first/next car might differ from another buyer so making a list of priorities could help you to narrow down your search. If it’s a certain style you have in mind then it will take a lot less time than a big priority being a small budget or specific equipment. You should check out the specifications of the vehicles you shortlist and ensure that the specifications such as air conditioning or integrated sat-nav come as standard rather than an optional extra as this will save you money.
Payment options
There are two ways that people pay for their vehicles, the one is to pay the whole amount in one go and the other is to opt for finance instead. When you choose finance working out the budget is not always easy so you should look at what packages are available for the type of vehicle you want. Remember that over time a vehicle loses value so taking out a long term loan might mean you paying for your vehicle long after you have outgrown it. Paying the whole lot gives you the benefit of being able to haggle down the price, so bear this in mind when you decide how to finance your vehicle. Find out how the trade value of the vehicle and compare this to the finance agreement before signing anything to ensure there is nothing you will regret at a later date.

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